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If you would like information about your Florida State driver's license or identification card, car insurance, or vehicle titles or registration including renewal or replacement, is the perfect place to get started. We offer detailed up-to-date guides and instructions to simplify your process at the Florida HSMV, and provide all the necessary online tools applicable to your needs.


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Any changes to your driver's license must be performed at an official Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle(FLHSMV) office or website. Our site is for informational purposes only. We offer detailed guides to help expedite your experience with the state's official website and/or the DMV - if a visit is necessary. We CANNOT perform any DMV functions on your behalf. All of the information can be found for free online. If you would like to do the research yourself, you may visit the official site directly. For more information, including our Refund Policy, please visit our terms and conditions page.